How are the costs of a translation calculated?

According to standard lines

The calculation of costs for a translation is performed using standard lines or on the basis of a fixed-price offer.

A standard line consists of 55 gross keystrokes, (letters, numerals, symbols, characters, blank characters), which are compiled together successively in the text. In order to calculate the standard line price the number of keystrokes is divided by 55. This results in the number of standard lines.

Calculation of the standard lines is always performed in the target language. If the completed translation contains no Latin characters, then the scope of the source text is definitive.

Fixed price

Naturally, we are also able to provide you with a free, fixed-price offer for your translation. To do this, we require the documents that are to be translated in advance. The offer comprises the exact price, together with details of completion.

Simply use our contact form Enquiry / Translation assignment.

Minimum order value

Our minimum order value for European languages currently*

stands at:

  20,00 EUR net

for oriental and Asian languages:

  40,00 EUR net

* Status 2015

Example calculation for standard lines